James Salmond Furniture provides customised and unique furniture to fit your personalised style and home ensuring colour, form and trends are

Our customers are looking for:

  • Furniture that is unique and expresses their own individual style
  • Custom designed furniture that complements their bespoke home and unusual spaces
  • Guidance and advice on colour, form, textures, and styles that are inspired by global furniture trends yet enhances


James Salmond has worked in the furniture and cabinet making industry as a highly respected cabinet maker for 27 years. As an avid collector of raw materials, James Salmond Furniture holds many rare timbers and veneers that are highly sought after. This also allows our clients to feel and look at the raw materials and examples that goes into their custom made designer furniture.

The Signature Range

James Salmond is an Australia-based furniture designer who produces distinctive, high quality bespoke furniture. James can customise most designs to suit your individual requirements with the option to customise by size, veneer and fabric.

If you are in the Sydney region, James is happy to visit your home to help you select furniture to suit your rooms.

Mixing & combining of textures - Unique

Bring together, couple of details. Unique, clean classic. Contemporary current trends and put own interpretation.. Slick minimal = contemporary. Warmth, classic influence. Unique subtle details. Something different. Subtle, elegant, not overworked. Textured, two textures. Cooling down the contrast.

The International Range

As well as creating bespoke pieces, James Salmond also stocks a range of furniture which is available for multiple-item orders which can be delivered overseas. These pieces are currently available to purchase from both the Sydney store as well as from David Shaw stores in New Zealand.


We work with Australian artists and feature their unique and exclusive artworks in the James Salmond Furniture showroom. Some artists include Keith Looby, Peter Francis Lawrence, Suokquan Tran, Matt Henham and others.

Confessional Cabinet